gaylord, mi.

check, check, 1, 2. is this thing on? it's a bit dusty, but good to be back.

today we are up in the fingernail portion of the glove-looking state of michigan. i promise, look at the state, and we're up way north. it's a new festival called the big ticket festival, and it seems to be going pretty well so far, especially for the first day of it ever.

one of the stagehands saw us eyeing his sweet ride and let us take it for a spin around the parking lot. we all took turns pretending we were going to jump stuff like buses and maybe even the stage, but 1) this thing won't go fast enough, and 2) we could die.

after some dinner and a complete raid of the ice cream freezer in catering, the guys took the stage and had a really fun show. the big highlight for everyone tonight was the unveiling of the new song 'mess of me'. it was the first time they ever played it live, and it sounded awesome. drew just rips into the intro. so much fun.

one festival down, one to go, then on to canada, eh. don't forget to follow @switchfoot on twitter if you haven't yet. the guys post stuff all day. good times. - ab.


  1. heide says

    sounds AWESOME! really wishing here that I didn't have to miss it.

    always lovin the pictures andy

    desiree says

    I love Mess Of Me!!! And Hello Hurricane too! And your pictures of course, andy.

    Brock says

    I live right by Toronto and won't be able to make it. :( Come back soon!

    corrie :) says


    Haley Mathiot says

    dude? why no concerts in NC??? *tear* omgosh i'm so excited for the album!!!!!!!

    Erin says

    Holy cow, Andy, your pictures are amazing. I especially love the fourth one.

    Can't wait until the Washington state show!

    joy says

    yay for the daily foot - thank you andy! can't wait for the new tunes coming to Tempe =)

    Anonymous says

    YAAY!!! andy's back! this is one happy fandy.


    Morgan says

    thanks for coming up to the mitten switchfoot!
    it was my first switchfoot concert, but hopefully the first of many! ;)
    having jon in the tent afterwards was equally amazing... I came home and bought all of his cd's & the fiction family cd, and am now jumping on every opportunity I get to hear more of his songs. keep up the amazing work you guys... hope to see you back in the mitten sometime soon!
    much fan love,

    alsooo those pics are amazing andy!

    Rachel says

    that looks like fun chad!!!!!! i've always wanted to ride a bike like that! love you switchfoot! 