alive fest, ohio.

well, the operative word for today's show is MUD. it is everywhere. being a festival out in the middle of a farm lends itself to having a lot of dirt around, so after a few early morning showers, mud.

the guys did your typical festival Q+A sessions and interviews, which are always fun. there was a moment when some of us were in catering and a giant storm started to roll over, and we all made a mad dash for the safe haven of the bus. after a little while, the storm passed and the night turned out to be pretty gorgeous.

the show tonight was pretty awesome. the guys played the new song 'mess of me' again and it sounded even better than last night's version. probably the most memorable moment of the night was during the very last chorus of their very last song, right before jon started to sing 'i dare you to move', the weather came back in a big way and just started dumping rain on the crowd. jon went out in the middle of the rain with everyone else and finished out the song there. really great show.

on to canada!


  1. jesi says

    I agree, when the rain came during dare it was awesome! And I loved that Jon came to join us in the rain, because we certainly weren't going anywhere!

    Rachel says

    i love the picture of tim jumping, nice andy! switchfoot's show's are so amazingly sweet, i want to see them so much more! please come back to memphis switchfoot!!!!!!!! 