Tamarindo, Costa Rica

Some things happened. the short of it is, Tim almost got arrested for carrying the wrong bag, which happened to be my bag, which also happened to have been switched with another just like it.

tim, jon and chad all flew out early from Guatemala City in hopes of getting waves in the afternoon at Tamarindo. When Tim arrived at customs in San Jose, Costa Rica he was carrying my bag, or atleast, what he thought was my bag. confidently, he nodded to the Costa Rican Customs Officer in response to, "is this your bag?" A sentence, i'm sure, that he'd like to retract at this juncture. Upon confirmation, they unzipped the beast to find some interesting items within. you know, A cake?! Some beans. some flour, which alerted a crew over to make sure it was just flour and not some powdered substance ... and a some perscription pills, all of which that where the property of someone else... The scene is mayhem. Here's the bag, gutted and bulging with the most random assortment of items, all peculiar and all partially, if not fully illegal, and here's Tim, right in the eye of the storm, trying to back his way out of it.

Now, we are laughing about it. All is well. The sun is setting over the waves as they fall onto the beach in Tamarindo and people are refereing to me as "the baker." I do not normally bring cakes with me when i travel, but i might start.

Costa Rica offered us a 6 hour drive through the jungled mountains, some amazing surf, refined coffee and the craziest plane ride ever onto the most desolate runway ever. (I shouldn't say desolate, there was a cow). A bull fight, as in actual bulls fighting, the way dogs do and lots of frolicking Iguanas. More surf was had, and pictures gathered.

Peace and love.
Bobby the baker
aka, "cake and beans"


  1. Anonymous says

    my question has been answered. that's why you're now the baker and not the bhive.

    crazy airport stories are the best.

    Anonymous says

    My friend and I were once caught trying to ambush another friend with eggs and flour.

    Somebody called the police after seeing us sitting in a tree. The officers made us come down, and asked us what was going on, and my friend told them we were baking a cake. They laughed so hard they let us go. Took the ingredients tho... CURSES!!

    Erin says

    Oh my gosh, poor Tim! I'd be quite flabbergasted if that happened to me...

    Meredith says

    wow, that must have been an experience he'd rather not repeat. i might have flipped out completely!

    Îmªñ ®Å§h€ëÐ says




    Jordan A. says

    That's a funny story about Tim...glad it ended up alright. I'm so glad the daily foot is up and running again...I'm planning on seeing the guys on May 9th in Satan Clara...my birthday! Put on an awesome show that day! Cool surfing pics by the way...

    Jordan A. says

    *Santa Clara* Not satan clara...sorry about the spelling error.

    Jesse says

    Great pictures. Tamarindo is a great place to surf, actually my favourite is Playa Grande, a few minutes north of Tamarindo.

    Can't wait to see the band again in Santa Clara!

    akn says

    hahaha!! so funny!
    and u were here! wow!
    I wish u could see the band in CR!
    great pics!!XD

    Dudo says

    Man! In Costa Rica!
    Time to come to Brazil!Huh?

    Kyle says

    Your travels sound like so much fun! Wish I could come along for a week.

    switchnina says

    Costa Rica? No, no... hey guys..when you will come to Brazil?...we want you here!!!!<>

    switchnina says

    hey people, where is Drew in podcast 38??? I don't see him...I miss you dude!>>>>aaaaand...Come to Brazil<>

    Is very nice to surf in Rio de Janeiro's beach<

    Anonymous says

    im so sad i cant go to the bro am because i have a play ahhh well i have next year

    Anonymous says

    Can't wait to cya guys at santa clara {!}
    Im glad tim did'nt get arrested or anything, The craziest things happen when passin thru customs..

    Joselo says

    hey Bobby....
    I saw that in the 39th podcast...
    it was cool, with the cams in the surfboards, the "busted" tim, and all the other things....
    I got all the podcast in CD, I´ve downloaded all from youtube...
    I never get tired of seeing them.....hahaha
    ok, thats all....
    I´m from Chile, at the otherside of the world, and switchfoot is my favourite band... hope they come here someday....
    bye, greetings for Jon, Tim, Chad (I´m drumer too), Jerome and Drew from their Chilean foot´s friend..

    Anonymous says

    Hey guys. Just wanted to say that I'm real excited about your upcoming CD. Its results are in my thoughts and prayers. We love you guys. God Bless.

    Anonymous says

    AWESOME PIX!!! I have always wanted to try surfing! Y'all are amazing, and you have a GREAT show!!!!! GOD BLESS!!! =]

    Rachel says

    ok, WOW! i love the beach and the caribbean is amazing! i've spent some time, about 20 days, in the british virgin islands and oh my gosh that was aamazing experience! the water just looks so clear and blue in costa rica! switchfook rocks! literally too =] 