southern california, america.

well hello daily footees. the guys are up here in my neck of the woods working on new songs. they have been hashing and cutting and chopping. no song is safe. frontrunners are now on the backburner. new songs are taking the lead as favorites. it's pretty crazy.

in case any of that makes you nervous, just know that new switchfoot music is being played in the background of me typing this, and it is good.




  1. Îmªñ ®Å§h€ëÐ says

    OMG I CANT WAIT FOR MY LITTLE EARS TO GET AN ORGASM! hahahhaha. no really, i cant wait to hear the new stuff!!

    good luck producing guys! =D

    Erin says

    Andy!! You're so lucky! Gah, I wish I could hear some of that stuff... Any chance you could surreptitiously record a bit?...
    j/k, the anticipation just makes it more exciting when the record comes out.
    Have fun! :D

    becca says

    yay yay yay!!!

    can't wait. (:

    re:bekah says

    I'm excited! yay!!

    Anonymous says

    is that yoda inside of a tambourine??

    wait, maybe it's a viking...

    Fernanda says

    Andy...when is the podcast from Guatemala gonna be ready?!?!?!? Jajajaja I can'r wait any more!!!

    Anonymous says

    I love you guys, my bestie Hannah and I are seriously OBSESSED!!!!!!!!! I can't wait to see you guys at Bro-Am and other concerts!
    P.S. Why is is so expensive to be in the Friends of the Foot? Hannah and I really want to be in it but its too much mulla (money in Spainish)!

    Rachel says

    yo switchfoot! I love you guys, y'all are awesome!!!!!!!!!! I agree though with the previous comment, why does it have to be so expensive to be a FOTF? I really would like to, but i don't think i could afford it. i love your band though!!!!!! i saw you for the first time in concert july 16 09 and it was AMAZING! if you have any footage of pictures of the memphis concert, please post it!!! love you guys!  =]