San Antonio, Texas.

The guys crunched a red eye the night prior so they could take part in the SD HOB benefit for the lead singer of Unwritten Law who recently lost his house to a fire. It sounded like a community afair with Mraz and others showing to offer support. go freakin' san diego!

We met up on 2/11 at the San Antonio Rodeo. Stomping bulls, wranglers and roughnecks! All an amazing prelude to a Switchfoot show. I laughed hard tonight. The stage was on orbit, spinning about like carousel. The first seats were at least 50 yards away, so miggs, beaty and i (while stationary) enjoyed front row seats every time the front of stage came around to face us. My feet awkwardly feel into the dirt print of horses hooves and bull tracks, where the rodeo had just tempered 30 minutes before.

Jon said that he wanted to bridge the gap between the arena and the rotating he did his fare share of diving and dirt stomping to get into seats. You'd expect nothing less, right? It was a toe-tappin', knee slappin' good time and we wish all the cowboys good tidings, as they sacrificed their bodies to the great state of texas.

thanks Tay Tay for the shots.

late night fajitas,
bobby the baker


  1. Anonymous says

    Hey Guys! When is a podcast coming out?

    Corrina says

    Great Update!

    Victoria says

    This was an awesome show! I think the band did a great job of overcoming the distance between crowd and stage. I have some pretty sweet pictures of the performance if y'all are interested :)