Guatemala City, Guatemala.

Ever since i saw the movie 'Body Guard," i thought it'd be cool to have a crew following you around packing heat and talking in code through ear pieces and hand helds. The moment we left the airport, we were apart of an entourage. Big dudes, with "security options." So too began the autographs and pictures. betta dig deep in your coat pocket for that travel size Spanish Dictionary, you're gonna need it!

Flying makes one famished and Tacointendo makes people content, thus "the happy taco." Picture anything you want on a tray, carne asada, pollo asada (i think), chorizo.... and much more all holding hands with salsa verdes, guacamole and cotija cheese. In come the Mariachis and Chad starts singing! Tacos and Verbrato were flying all over the place.

The show day was filled with a meal every 2 hours and some of warmest smiles. Friendly, friendly people. There was a press conference in a restaurant that also doubled as an aquarium. Let me can scuba with the sharks, no joke...that outta suffice until a podcast can explain much further!

This was a pretty epic show. The crowd was so loud that i could hear them outside of the venue, over the thumping bass tones. Every song had a heartfelt 3500 person chorus.

IJM made a presence tonight next to the SFOOT merch booth and it was really cool to get caught up with what's happening in terms of social reform in Guatemala.

Volcanoes' were in bloom and their smoke trailed off from the cones into the clouds. Pretty amazing cite from a hotel room. Guatemala te ama.

bobby the baker


  1. Erin says

    Whoa, did you say podcast?? *hopes*

    Sounds like fun! I would love to hear Chad singing with the mariachi... :D

    Maria says

    Bobbbyyyy :) dude, it WAS epic indeed. You have no idea how awesome it was for us all here in Guate... We don't get experiences like this often, and so when it does happen, well... we know how to rock on, let me say ;)

    How was Costa Rica? :)

    Dude, you rock. Thanks for forwarding my small gift to the band (yea I was that klutz that gave you a present mid-concert... I know, crazy), and I hope you guys come soon :)

    Anonymous says

    i like that 3rd picture - the hand at the controls...

    why are you the baker now? is "b-hive" too 2008 for you?

    Alu! says

    Hi guys how are u?
    Eating with you at the restaurant was so fresh!
    u really are nice people.

    And believe me that concert was so incredible!

    Meeting you guys was a special moment
    that I will never forget.

    ps: If you want more pictures of the restaurant
    or the concert let me know.

    Guatemala los ama :]

    Fernanda says

    Amazing!! Simply amazing!! U guys rocked the concert!! I traveled all the way from Honduras just for the concert and it was worth every penny!! GBU!!!

    Lori says

    I remember podcasts - back in the day :)

    Danny says

    Hey It Was EPIC I Think Yo Filmed Me With The Camera I Was The Little Dude Going NUTS HAHAHA PS Someone Told Me You Heard My Brother Josh Playing Drums