West Palm Beach, Florida.

hey friends. sorry for the delay on this.

enjoy this guest entry from Alicia. she rocked the Florida show, on all levels. and she took all the pic's.

bobby the baker

The Foot and company flew into Florida on a red eye flight but that had no reflection on their performance.
Tonight’s show was pretty ace; it even involved a loud pig race.
The Foot’s first show of two thousand and nine was hosted at a fair.
Just imagine the noises of those outrageously priced games to “win” cheap stuffed animals, the lights from all the rides, the sweet smell of funnel cakes, deep fried snickers, and salty hot dogs, the crazy clowns marching on stilts, then on top of all that Switchfoot rockin’ out on a stage; it’s almost as if you were there.
After Bobby the B Hive gave fellow merch volunteer, Nicole, and me the run down of what we were to do, the doors opened and the anticipation of the gang playing rose as the fans trickled in.
My favorites on the set list included Lonely Nation, Learning to Breathe, and This is
Your Life mixed with I Won’t Back Down by Tom Petty. But the final encore of Your Love is Strong leading into Dare You to Move left everyone with a lighthearted spirit.
The set list looked a little something like this:
Oh! Gravity
Gone mash-up
This Is Your Life /I Won't Back Down (Tom Petty cover)
This Is Home
Learning To Breathe
Dirty Second Hands
American Dream
We Are One Tonight/The Shadow Proves the Sunshine
Lonely Nation
On Fire
Meant to Live
Your Love is Strong
Dare You To Move
Now, I don’t want to fool no one to think that I’m something, I know I’m not Andy Barron; if we all were, there’d be too many talented creative people out there with a knack for photography.
I’m just a Ruth loving, Switchfoot high-fiving, merch selling kind of girl with a hankering for photography.
There’s nothing left for us to talk about.
Thanks y’all,


  1. infinito mas uno says

    hey i took some pictures at Guatemala's show, contact me and i'll send them to you

    Abba says

    yay Alicia! awesome review and pics :)

    i wish i were as cool as andy and alicia.. says

    awesome review!
    amazing pictures!

    nina says

    yeah...Switchfoot is back..

    We want switchfoot in Brazil right now!!!

    thi says

    great images..

    we want you in Rio de Janeiro, BRA!