Orange Beach, Alabama

today was a wet shoes day. not a good day for tom's. put those sucka's away! weather was threatening rain, and occasionally it followed through. by the time the foots went on, orange beach had changed from fall to winter, losing 20 degrees. brrrr! I escaped the chill by frequenting the bus only to hear a new Switchfoot song with each entrance. i think they're making a 100 song record! Each song is just another pile of evidence that these gents put a lot of heart and soul and sweat and tears (and blood?) into their art. Reminds me of Reverend Robert Evans and his nightly plight to stare into the stars for hours counting supernovas - of which he sees very infrequently, maybe 3 a year or even 1 every 3 years. Just the idea that he knows it's out there and that he's gonna chase it down like a wild fox hiding in the dark cosmos... anyway, you get my drift. a lot of work for an undetermined return on a timely investment.

welcome to the first night of the 3 doors down tour! thanks jordan, sweet tea was fabulous!

hope december is kind to you. come say hi!


  1. Jeanna says

    Bobby, could you GET any more awesome? No. I submit to you that you could not.

    Erin Marie says

    I love TOM'S shoes.

    kudos friend.

    Anonymous says


    bobby the bhive is my favorite.

    that's all.

    (no offense, barron)