biloxi, mississippi.

i dangled my legs over the side of a dilapidated shanty pier in Biloxi, MS. The sun was hanging low. The gulf calm. Where is that Otis Redding?! 'cause that's the song the pelicans with ADD were singing next to the docked shrimp boats.

The boys are enjoying a day-off matinee of James Bond before their dinner with the lads in 3 Doors Down. I love when life gets still. Those moments when you can almost hear things.

The show tomorrow night is 3 Doors Down's version of our Bro-Am, highlighting the boys and girls club of the gulf coast and the Better Life Foundation. There's a lot of camo out there too!

love love,


  1. Jordan A. says

    bobbythebhive, you are doing a great job even if you aren't Andy. And the pics are cool; different flavor to them. Have fun!

    Lori says

    hahaha, "there's a lot of camo out there" is right. The band with the most class at the Hard Rock on Saturday night was easily Switchfoot. Even with Jon's pedal problems - Switchfoot rocked their faces off!!

    Thanks Bobby for standing in for the Barron.

    We miss you Andy Barron!!

    Michael H says

    In the south, the only cold weather gear we own is made for hunting. No reason to buy more than one coat - you may not get to use it every year.

    john A. says


    your writing makes me smile. nothin' wrong with camera phone pics.

    the "love love" is reciprocated.

    Cookie says

    I love the format of the pics. They remind me of polaroids. While looking at the last pic of the water, my imagination brought in the Bubba Gump shrimp boat floating by. Thanks for that.

    Thank you for taking over the Daily Foot for a short time. It's much appreciative.