biloxi, mississippi take 2.

Tim said the 3 doors dudes are very nice and chill and hospitable.

Ike was laughing at me cause i went down to the black jack table to watch a high roller with a copy of Mark's book, "Wholly Jesus" poking out of my back pocket, title out. Considering the theme (Jesus invading every aspect of our lives) - it was fitting and ironic. Jesus in a casino, now that's an intriguing concept! I think Ike got a picture of it, which is essentially a picture of my backside, so i'm not sure how it turned out.

Have you ever heard of "Rock, Paper, Slap?" I hadn't. Think of fight club, and then imagine Jon chanting, "who's next?!", as he and chad retire from sharing blows. The idea is "Rock, Paper, Scissors" with an added slap at the end from the hand of the winner to the cheek of the loser. It's the friendliest display of masculinity in the west where hugs are exchanged following battle scars. Chad challenged me to dual. I declined the offer.

I do think it's worth mentioning that Chad and I have been rooming together and he's been keeping me on my toes. I'm really not too sure where he got the ketchup, but this is the crime scene i returned to. First, i thought he'd been hijacked... and then i realized the abnormally thick stream of blood down his face. It was a perfectly manicured crime with Switchfoot merch tastefully dashed across the floor as if Indiana Jones had pilfered the rest and left chad to grapple in the mire.... a little too perfect. . .

go chad!


  1. Anonymous says

    haha, that sounds pretty great.

    rachel from vermont says


    i have heard of rock paper slap. i heard jon say once that he and tim were banned from playing it with each other.

    that prank sounds like something my dad would do. only, he wouldn't do as good a job.

    and walking into a casino with a copy of Wholly Jesus? nice.

    gellie says

    they still play rock paper slap?! haha awesome.

    that game can be dangerous when played between siblings. no qualms. no inhibitions. no mercy. even if you're a girl.
    often it can end in chases involving overturned furniture and broken appliances.

    Christina says

    I've heard of Rock Paper Slap.

    Sounds like a pretty randomly short game :D

    hope you guys are having fun! :3

    Grace says

    I seriously hope someone got a video of this! Podcast it!