en route: san diego to birmingham

greetings. go bama! i know, everything you'll see on these glowing pages pales to the wonder that is Andy Barron, so with that said, let's take a moment and sing his praises.

for this tour, the daily foot will detour to this format. and it is, without a doubt amateur hour. i hope you dig phone pics and broken phrases.

i am glad to announce that the foot is safe in BAMA!
peace and pancakes,


  1. Lori says

    Andy Barron?? Who's that? haha
    Have fun in Bama. Orange Beach is beautiful, much more so than your next tour stop. See ya Saturday!!

    Bobby, thanks for doing the daily foot in absense of the great one. :)

    goodnightpunk says

    Thanks Bobby!

    The Barron shall be missed.

    Megan says

    Boo Bama... War Eagle! :)

    Thanks for doing the DF, Bobby!

    Hope to see you guys in Biloxi!

    Anonymous says

    wait a second, if the barron isn't on tour, does that mean he could be working on new album art?

    Travis Ball says

    Ya where the heck is andy, ive been emailing him somethings and he just stopped replying to me. what is he up to and have you taken over the daily foot and started shooting the photos and doing the podcast???