denver, colorado.

the last night of tour is generally one where the bands go all out because heck, there's no more shows. tonight was definitely no exception. all the stops were pulled out, and it was one of the most memorable of the tour. robert randolph came out for dirty second hands and on fire tonight. heck, drew even jumped. that's saying something. there were also some tour pranks going around, including robert's guitar coming out saying switchfoot loves new kids on the block, and there was also a fairy costume involved somewhere.

this was an amazing tour that rasied a lot of money and awareness for habitat for humanity and the one campaign, and switchfoot and everyone else involved loved being a part of it. see you next tour.


  1. Anonymous says

    Thanks for keeping us up on whats happening in the tours. It's been a great read, can't wait till next tour!

    Travis says

    hey Andy,

    so im doing a project in my high school on photojournalism, and ironically enough its for my school newspaper, as class as i found out thats what you were involved in when chad like some of the stuff you had done. and ive scene all the fantastic pictures you have taken of switchfoot over the past few years and they are great. switchfoot is by far my favorite band and i would really like to learn about your part in documenting them while they are on tour and whatever else they do. and as a part of this project if you are willing i would probably like to interview you over email or something about photojournalism and what is involved in it as a real life career. the project is supposed to be focusing on the BIG picture of life and how journalism in general can apply to outside if high school.

    so ya, i hope this really works out!!!

    get back to me when you can

    photo editor for a high school paper in Michigan