kansas city, missouri.

tonight's venue is kind of awesome because it's shaped kind of like a castle. there's no moat, but i know if there was, the guys would be swimming in and/or trying to surf it.

the cleaning up and packing of the bus is starting to happen. sad, but true. drew finished up signing all the christmas cards and cd sleeves. i think it's a record. they signed 3000 things in pretty much a day. crazy.

in his elated state after signing all the cards, drew managed to pull off a totally solid moonwalk tonight on stage. pretty amazing.


  1. Tiffany says

    Wish I was there to witness Drew's moonwalk!
    Awesome pictures, looks like it was a cool place.

    Aaron says

    Oh man i was there! and it WAS awesome! And i was right there towards the left of it lol, near the front row. It was phenomenal. Thanks guys...