houston, texas.

ahh, good to be back at the berry center here in houston. we were here a few tours ago with relient k, and fortunately it's still standing after hurricance ike. tonight's show has even turned into the 'music re-builds' tour and is being broadcast on tv and radio to help raise money for ike victims.

before the show, the guys even had the chance to meet the mayor of houston and just talk about the whole situation. pretty cool how excited they were to have this concert benefit the city, and its victims.

it must be something about this room, because just like last time, tonight was one of the best shows of the tour. lesson learned: texans know how to party.

(oh, and that first shot of jerome is when i tried to have him do a joweling photo, but then this phantom E from the ice machine showed up on his face. crazy.)


  1. Anonymous says

    amazing show. i love the new screens in the background. the lights and everything add a very nice touch. (i would also like to show my appreciation to all the peeps who travel with the band and make the shows happen. you must be extremely cool) wish they could have been up there a little longer....but still awesome. andy it was great talking to you afterward. thanks for signing the pic and taking a photo with me! friends of the foot is basically the best thing ever invented. so cool to meet the guys again and have them sign my numerous items. haha chad even remembered me from the last show i saw them at. pretty flippin sweet. great pics andy. love you all! blessings from houston.
    ps- andy i swear i am taking over your job.

    rose says

    of course we know how to party.

    kristin says

    lol, sweet! come party with us any time!! :)
    thanks for making that show worthwhile, just like all of them. LOOOVE the lights show. the stars were awesome.
    but please.. try to make a smaller venue in the Spring! lol romey said yall like Warehouse LIVE.
    see you there hopefully!

    kristin says

    oh man. it's still the same kristin who just commented.. but i noticed in the last picture, im the orange flash near the bottom right. my mom's in the white shirt between the balconies.

    Anonymous says

    oh my geez that show was amazing!!! i loved it! i went with two of my best freinds so it was an amazing night my seat was awesome and i'm very thankful for that.. please plaese plaese come back to houston.. please :)