dallas, texas.

today started out like most days coming back onto this tour. getting picked up in a rolls royce, ya know, no biggie. oh wait, my bad, that never happens. except today. our tour manager knows a guy who knows a guy who drives this insane rolls royce around, so he had the guys pick him up from the airport in it. heck, it was cheaper than a cab, and it has umbrellas in the door. crazy.

the show tonight was pretty fun, texans love them some foot. in the middle of 'stars', the guys even threw in a line or two of 'deep in the heart of texas'. real nice.

after the show, the guys took advantage of new skateboards and empty paved venues and tore it up. they were like kids in a candy store at this place. tim even pulled this sweet handplant. it was unbelievable.


  1. Anonymous says

    That was the greatest concert I have ever been to. That was hilarious how you guys added "Deep in the Heart of Texas" to "Stars". And I got to shake Jon's hand when he ran into the audience during "On Fire"!!! ROCK ON SWITCHFOOT!!!!!!!!!

    Kelliee says

    awesome pictures :] that 3rd one in of jon is totally radzilla!!!!

    Lauren says

    I love that first pic of the guys in front of the Rolls - totally sweet

    Anonymous says

    Ok so it was my second Switchfoot concert and it totally ROCKED! And yeah us Texans LOVE us some foot!! LOL!! And it was totally AWESOME meeting the guys, they are so nice!!! But yall totally rocked! Great pictures Andy! Hey yall come back now ya hear!!! LOL!! ;)

    rose says

    oh gosh, i feel dumb. i've been calling it "the yellow rose of tx...even though in my head i know it's "deep in the heart of tx."

    Anonymous says

    love you guys. dallas was sweeet!

    Mandy says

    The picture with the Rolls Royce is my new background and officially my new favorite picture of the guys ever. Andy you rock!

    Anonymous says

    Fantastic show. My daughters' first concert ever...they were beyond thrilled. Spending their hard-earned babysitting money on FOTF was totally worth it. Thanks to the guys for being so nice.

    Mandy says

    I loved the show! it was great! did you guys ever get the banana bread? since you kind of forgot to come get it Ike came and got it. Hope you liked it!


    Isai says

    My first Switchfoot concert! It was so awesome! I hope you guys seriously come back! It was so cool! totally unforgettable! you guys rocked!

    Anonymous says

    Deep in the Heart of Texas was hillarious, Oct 2 was my sis bday and she came 2 see you the band perform and that day I became a mega switchfoot fan