sacramento, california.

even though we were in arizona, and it was very hot there, today feels even hotter because we are in an outdoor venue, and there is no escaping it. i think this was also partially the cause of much napping today by people. just sleep through the heat. jerome was up though watching football and keeping track of his fantasy stats.

showtime came around though, and everyone was up and ready to roll. tonight seemed like a really fun show, and the guys even threw another cover in the middle of stars, and oddly enough it was snoop and dr dre. but then californiaaaaa, knows howwww to party. totally dude.

another amazing highlight was having robert randolph come out and play during on fire. i don't know what took so long for this to happen, but you could tell the guys were super into it with all the huge grins on their faces during this one. pretty memorable.


  1. Susieq3c says

    Thanks to KSBJ, we got to hear RR joining SF in ON FIRE. Most of us on the LOBH tagboard knew it was RR immediately. Sweetness. He needs to be on the next album!

    Susieq3c says

    (I mean, we heard it during the Houston show...left that part out!)

    david says

    2pac & dre