chula vista, california.

hometown show number two. booyah.

the guys roll in to the venue later in the day today, a venue they've all been to many times i'm sure. (heck, radar, miggs, drew and i just saw radiohead here like a week before we left for tour!) it's always weird being backstage at a place you've been to a bunch to see shows. ya, weird.

so other than the show, something exciting happened today. we all got to see some of jon's finished vinyl! it's all marble and everything. as a total vinyl guy, i'm so excited for this set of his EPs. can't wait for you guys to get it!

show time rolls around, and tonight, not only do we have 1, but 2 guests on stage. our good friend keith tutt on cello, and then the legendary karl denson on saxophone. he played during on fire and it was pretty phenomenal.

(oh, and that last photo is of a few of the buses on our tour. its random, but i like it. ha. peace out.)


  1. Anonymous says

    You can't really tell what the last picture is... (it doesn't look like busses) lol

    Gabby says

    Woah its so weird to see my city's name in the DF. haha, weeeird.

    Anyways that show was amazing and Keith and Karl were both incredible addition during On Fire. I agree it was phenomenal, from Jon's voice to the sax to the harmonica to the sax .. back and forth -- man that was freakin epic! So glad I got that on video ...

    Anywaaays .. awesome DF, I'll try to find me in the crowd shot .. hah.

    PS- You were at the Radiohead concert!! My friend went .. she wanted me to go but I had school .. Cool cooool.

    Mikster says

    i love the busses pic. then again, i love random pics.

    anyway, i have done local crew at a few venues where switchfoot has played but when SF is playing, i do not have backstage access.

    Nicole says
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    Nicole says

    the cell phone thing was amazing! i love you guys! i was th one in the last section singing and dancing the whold time!

    Anonymous says

    I cracked up when I read that drew and andy saw radiohead here cause I was there at that radiohead show too!! Hah if only I knew while I was watching it. Nice pics again andy, and thanks for the picture you took with me back at the irvine show lol.

    mike says

    when i saw jon's action shot the only words that came to mind were:

    "with the lights out, it's less dangerous, here we are now, etc"

    bringing grunge back. in a happy way.