irvine, california.

so we calculated it out, and technically today and tomorrow are hometown shows. most of the guys hail from the north county area, so its a pretty similar distance from there to irvine, as it is from there to chula vista tomorrow. two hometown shows. pretty sweet.

having friends and family (and even biff from back to the future?) around definitely lifted the guys spirits, and they gave one of their best performances of the tour tonight. our old friend keith even came out to say 'cello' (think jack black in school of rock) to the good OC people.


  1. twenty-six says

    AHHH yes, beautiful show
    too bad our seats were sorta far
    and they couldnt see me and my friedns poster that said: LEARNING TO BREATHE.its pretty cool though taht the concert was on LTBs bday!! hahah and the verse of 24 jon sang out befor meant to live(i think) was amazing, haha, including the camera flashes during on fire. the meet and greet was a too fast, i didnt expect that, but we got a great picture with jon and tim. hahah they complimented our poster, signed it and my cd covers. yeah it was a great night, and sorry if this was too long or since its not really a comment. peace

    twilighter says

    it was one of the best (: esp. when they sang this is home, it was just beautiful. i knew like practically all the songs, so i was singing along. they so should've played learning to breathe. i loved the countdown and the first song :] i got to meet all of them, so it was pretty awesome. they said the poster me and my friend made was "sweet", totally a night to remember. cant wait til the next one.

    mathluvnmuggle says

    this was an AMAZING show!!! i thoroughly loved every minute!!!

    Anonymous says

    i was there:)
    wonderful good times.

    i got to meet.

    and the guys.
    of course.

    Anonymous says

    Great show!! Great pictures! I know I see myself somewhere in those crowd pictures! LOL!

    Gabby says

    wooaah I went to this pretty rad shindiig --and the chula vista one too [: & it was awesome! really.

    it's so weird having a SF show in chula vista like 10 minutes away from my house, because i've always had to drive somewhere in north county for switchfoot or something [:

    rad performance, guysss.

    Sammi says

    that was amazing you guys, i happened to be there and these pictures sum it all up! i got to shake hands with jon, tim, and i'm pretty happy. no i lied, i was floored :] the truly put on an amazing show

    Amber says

    I couldn't make it!!! :( PLEASE come back soon!!! I'm glad to hear that the show was good, as always awesome pictures:)

    Jan says

    Awesome show. I loved it. Thank you guys. :]

    Nicole says

    chula show was awesome times 100000000. chikafila, i must say, is delicious haha. i loved loved LOVED american dream and stars, and those are not my usual faves. everything was great, come back soon! (well obviously, you live here!) love you guys.

    Shelby says

    The concert was amazing! Except our seats were in the VERY VERY VERY last row, it was still amazing. I think my favorite song that was performed was this is your life. The meet and great was too fast, but I understand. FINALLY GOT TO MEET JON. =] they complimented the shirts we made. loved that. so fun! =]

    Michelle says

    i was so happy Switchfoot came back to Irvine! they were at my school at UCI last year and one of my friends missed the show. so thank you thank you for coming back to Irvine!!!

    they had such an amazing set, and the whole show from the 20 second freeze, Jon twirling around banging the drum thing, and Keith accompanying the guys... it was awesome. =]