phoenix, arizona.

arizona is so dang hot. oh my gosh. like, for reals, it's nutty. we're all kind of glad that today's show is indoors because of two letters. AC.

i think our proximity to california is starting to show because the guys definitely played a killer show tonight. it's so nice to see dirty second hands back in the set after being gone for a little bit. the lights in that one always get me.

after the show, chad signed the 'wall of fame' backstage. it seriously is a giant long hallway of everyone who's played there. it's a varitable who's who. good times. now switchfoot's there.

californiaaaaa, here we cooome!


  1. Matthew Mckenzie says

    Andy Thanx so much for lending me your friends of the foot pass in pheonix. It was really awsome to meet the guys. Thanx again.

    joy says

    Yes, it truly was a killer show! They were right on their marks, and rocked us to the rafters and back ^.^

    Phoenix tends to be about 10 degrees hotter than Tucson, so maybe next time through AZ, you all will head this way again. We are h u n g r y ...

    Sure hope everyone was able to try some sour-dough herman bread, and that the 17 loaves were shared, or whatever! I'm especially curious if you, Andy, liked it.

    Thanks again, for trippin' through AZ, and giving us our switchfoot "fix".


    Jimmy Gawne says

    This show truly was amazing... the last time I had seen you guys was in July of 2004 at the Del Mar Fairgrounds... so it was a totally different experience to be at the Dodge Theatre, basically a direct line twenty-two rows up from Chad's bass drum.
    Thank you for rocking downtown Phoenix harder than it's been rocked in a LONG time.

    Anonymous says

    ya, that show was AMAZING. It was my first Switchfoot concert and, wow. Thanks for everything!