nashville, tennessee.

today started early at a habitat build here in nashville. this build was unlike anything we've seen though because it is actually a habitat neighborhood being built. today alone there were 9 houses being built at the same time. it was pretty amazing. chad hammered things.

back at the venue, things were being prepared to film tonight's show for something. i don't think we really know what it's gonna be used for quite yet, but it should look awesome with this stage setup and whatnot.

some of the guys who put out the switchfoot early years came by and awarded the guys gold records, because the early years went gold! crazy. we all took photos with them, and here's everyone in band and crew with the records. sweet.

well, the camera peeps came on a good night, cause the guys pretty much owned. they threw dirty second hands in there for the first time all tour, and boy did it rule with all this new production and stuff. so good!


  1. Lori says

    YES! The return of DSH!!

    That is the BEST road crew on the planet - glad everyone got in the picture.

    Congrats on yet another record reaching a milestone guys. Safe travels for the rest of your tour. You all have helped bring more attention and funds to Habitat - a worthy cause.

    Tyler says

    Wow, this was an awesome show!! Ha I've been to about 3 or 4 shows this year. Now I will anxiously be awaiting the new record!! Keep doing what you guys are doing. It's truly an inspiration.

    Jordan A. says

    Man, this tour looks awesome. I will be in Sacramento on the 28th (tomorrow) to see you guys. Second time! Looks like you have even more cool stuff on stage from when I first saw the band back in May. Make it epic tomorrow and I will be a happy camper!

    Lauren says

    Congrats on the gold records guys - that's awesome!! :)