san antonio, texas.

our day started with a little photo shoot. it involed some red sweatsuits, and a whole lot of awesome. don't worry, you guys will see the photos soon enough, but for now, here's a little teaser of jerome. also, behind the venue, there is this crazy broken down and dilapidated building. we couldn't get over there though cause there was a huge fence. bummer.

tonight was probably one of the more fun shows of the tour. the crowd was big and super into it. one of the highlights was for sure when lenesha randolph from robert randolph and the family band came and sat in on 'gone' and threw in yet another beyonce cover, this time of 'survivor'. it ruled. like, a lot.


  1. Anonymous says

    A FANTASTIC show...again. We were all smiles and thorougly entertained. was great to meet you, and please tell Chad that Eli is still beaming, and bragging, about the drumsticks that Chad gave him. We love y'all and can't wait to see you all again!The jam session at the end was so incredible!! Thanks for all you do Andy! Tell the guys hello from the Oosterbaan family!

    Victoria says

    Red sweatsuits, eh? I am intrigued. And possibly frightened ;)

    Lenesha Randolph was an awesome addition to "Gone" - I've never been more pumped by that song! It was fantastic having Robert Randolph on "On Fire," as well. All in all, one of my favorite SF shows I've attended.

    And of course I was pumped to finally get the chance to meet the guys after the show and thank them for being so darn awesome - I hope they liked the scrapbook my friend and I gave them! We certainly had fun making it.

    Can't wait till y'all swing by San Antonio again... or at least South Texas :)

    Colton says

    AWESOME Show...
    If u read this, and get the chance, ask Chad if he ever found out who Billy Ray Cyrus is, and see if he agrees that he looks like him, my mom asked him, and I want to know what he thought.

    Jeremy says

    This was totally an AMAZING show. GREAT SET and nice job on incorporating covers into the set!! Also, good meeting you Andy...we were the last part of the group of 8 that got in to see the wife and I took a pic with you!! Thanks for keepin us updated on the guys...

    Brenda says

    hey guys! THE SHOW WAS AMAZING! it was my first switchfoot show and i loved it!! and if you noticed, i was the only girl with a sign! I wrote "I Love Drew Shirley"! i hope he saw it... Well, hope you can come again, PLEASE!! God Bless!

    Lauren says

    once again Mr. Barron, your photos are awesome! I especially love the 3rd one in this set (and the last one's pretty sweet as well :) Thanks again for sharing all this with us!

    Anonymous says

    you guys are sweet and i hope yall come back for more shows this one was my first and i was blown away yall rock!!! (ever thought about crowed surfing) anyway it rocked and yall really blew my socks off! i enjoyed meeting you guys and cant wait to see yall again!