virginia beach, virginia.

today started out with the One campaign coming and filming some more interview stuff. apparently they want it to look 'backstage at the show', so where else better than backstage at the actual show. done and done.

the show tonight was one of the best of the tour so far. the lovely anne marie calhoun came out and played some violin on a few songs, but 'this is home' especially killed it tonight.

(due to the impending deadline of artwork for the new switchfoot best yet album, there were no photos taken tonight. sad, i know. but there is another day. like, tomorrow. peace.)


  1. Amy says

    I went to both VA dates for this tour. The VA Beach show was my favorite by far. Anne Marie was so amazing. It was great to hear her play again.

    Anonymous says

    it was an excellent show. I am a 35year old mom of two young sons who hasn't been to a rock concert since I saw Van Halen (before Sammy Hagar beat it our of there) at Merriweather Post Pavillion in Columbia MD back in the 90's. I am elated to find a true rock band in Switchfoot, akin to the ones I grew up listening to. Harcore touring, not overproduced, and devoted to the fans, not looking for the trappings of fame, AND who sound even better live than their excellent recordings...recordings that make you think deeply about this world we live in and question all of it. There aren't many bands like that out there any more.

    I am ready to see them again in Virginia! Soon!

    ---Jennifer in VA Beach