holmdel, new jersey.

the day started with very sad news. about 20 minutes before opening pitch, tim realized he should have gone to yankees stadium and seen a game during it's last season. ok, maybe it's not sad per se, but a bummer is definitely involved.

today's venue is pretty rad in the sense that it looks like the spaceship from independence day is coming down to attack. it's alright though, UFO or not, the guys put on a killer show tonight.

afterwards at the meet and greet, we found out that there a certain individuals out there who have been to many many switchfoot shows. i mean, we always knew they had, but tonight officially was mandy's 50th switchfoot concert. props to you. mikster kim though i think is still winning with 55, and big pete is at something like 35. crazy. more props to you switchfoot-super-concert-goers.


  1. Christine says

    It was a killer show alright. I've seen switchfoot 13 times. I'm trying. It was great especially when Jon grabbed my posters on stage twice.

    suzanne says

    guys, it's shea stadiums last season tooo! come on andy.

    go mets =)

    Luke S says

    the shoe photo is well played!