cleveland, ohio.

so, this venue is pretty legit. it is made with a bunch of wood, and i mean, most venues probably are too, but here you can see it all. it's pretty pretty.

the setlist for these shows is being fine tuned and tweaked as the nights go on, but it's definitely fun seeing other songs pop up here and there. i don't want to ruin the surprised for those of you coming to the show, but i think you'll like it.

after the show we do our friends of the foot meet and greet and then just hang out in the cool little backstage patio for a bit. such a nice night. bugs are out making cool noises but they aren't biting us. all is well.


  1. Lauren says

    I love that "Rebuild New Orleans" pic - good to know that not everyone's forgotten about N.O. You rock Andy! :)

    Anonymous says

    you guys were awesome! Keep it up, and thanks for all you do!