indianapolis, in.

it's only day 2 of music builds and we are already going to a habitat build. i'm not gonna lie, habitat builds seriously have the best vibes ever. people coming together to help build a house for a completely well-deserving person who is building right along side you is quite an amazing feeling.

tim and jon were lifting these 80 lb bags of roofing tile up a ladder, chad was helping install a doorway, jerome was doing something with a hammer, i'm not sure what it was, but hopefully it was helping. (it was, don't worry.)

i don't know if it was those good vibes from earlier today at the build, but tonight's show was pretty great. jon going out in the crowd is even sweeter now because these venues have so much more room for him to go run around in. time to watch olympics. peace!


  1. Jeanna says

    i KNEW you were going to put that photo of me and romey up. Ha! Romey DOES look confused.
    Thanks Andy

    jacqui says

    It's Jeanna! I see Jeanna! Sweet!

    Laila says

    lovin' the pic of Drew on the couch -- Indy was awesome, so much fun!

    kelliee says

    the one of tim jumping is pretty much just awesome :) and i love the one of jon walking..or is he dancing? oh well. its sweet :)

    Lee says

    Woo! Jeanna! My new favorite DF. =)

    Gabby says

    Haha! I spy Jeanna.

    And I love the third picture. Yeeay.

    Nikki says

    yay Jeanna! :)

    the third picture is magical, too.

    Isai says

    HEy its Jeanna! Awesomeness! I am so jealous of you right now Jeanna. I havnet seen Switchfoot before but I'll see them in Dallas this tour! cant wait guys! says

    Jeanna!! Thats so sweet, if im part of the Switchfoot family is for her =)

    Mellie says

    You go Jeanna!

    Show Romey how to work that hammer! =D

    Jeanna says

    Mellie - HA! I did my best.
    Actually he had to show ME how to work a hammer. Because I pretty much sucked at it.

    Sofa says

    Nice job, Fandrew.
    Easily one of the coolest shots, that piccy of Tim. Wow.

    Anonymous says

    well what do you know!! it's jeanna!!!! *waves hi*


    "jon has more space to run around in." i love how he does that. it's like he forgets security and turns the whole auditorium into his territory. ;) heh.

    even if other bands did that, they wouldn't be able to pull it off as well as jon does.

    if this was myspace i'd give this 2 kudos.