chicago, illinois.

it's not every day that you get to wake up and see chicago's skyline from the perspective of lake michigan. pretty sweet.

right when i woke up, jon, tim, and jerome were just leaving to go to a cubs game. (in case you didn't know, romey is a big cubs fan, and jon and tim, well, let's not talk about the padres right now.)

the guys came back, there was a little meet and greet, drew had a one-man dance party, and then it was showtime.

tonight was easily the best show of the tour so far. granted, there's only been 3 shows, but this one was so strong. drew was pretty much just killing it tonight. must've been the one-man dance party.

after the show, we watched some olympic ping pong and chowed down on some chi-town deep dish; a lovely end to our first run of shows on this tour.


  1. kellieee says

    sweet pictures andy!

    Anonymous says

    well I'm certainly glad that I was at the best show of the tour yet! :D and it's good to know the guys took my advice and went to gino's ;) that is where they went...right?

    carpee says

    kinda wish they played longer....but it was definitely a good show.

    Lauren says

    thanks for the awesome pics, as always, Andy! I feel Jon & Tim's pain re the Padres - I'm an Orioles fan, so I can somewhat relate :)

    wesley says

    i was there in the front row on the right side...YES it was an awesome show. I hope the rest of the tour is good as well, but not quite as good as Chi-town because 'this is home' to the best music fans and cubs fans :-)

    God bless Switchfoot!

    Anonymous says

    Hey from New Zealand,
    Love your work Andy. Hope you are having as much fun on Tour now as you had here in NZ. Probably not, but that's OK.
    See ya, Amanda.

    pam b from sc says


    You're the greatest, and probably have the greatest job(?) on earth! Expert pics and comments. Thanks for all the effort you put into keepin' the fans up to date.

    Anonymous says

    Cool. I liked the last post. Great to hear that these guys can play great music, and do construction. Keep up the good work guys!

    katie ann says

    i was at the game too!! i had no idea you guys were there until jon told us at the concert!
    that was a pretty awesome concert!
    thanks so much for playing the best music and being the guys that you are today. "Dare you to move" has really gotten me and my family through some hard times. thanks again!