orlando, florida.

well, it is a sad day in switchfoot world because this will most likely be the last date in switchfoot's 'summer 2008 rock and roller coast to coast tour'. i know that none of you knew that existed, but seeing as to the amount of places the guys have played with rides involved, that's what we all have secretly been calling this summer. we even made special passes and everything. good times.

also good, was tonight's show. probably one of my favorites in awhile. it was also a mini 'appetite for construction' reunion having the RK guys play right before the foot. good to see them again.

florida is always good to the foot.


  1. Susieq3c says

    Very cool Tim photo...and I like the ghosty foggy one of Jon too...ooooo....

    Anonymous says

    yeah I totally agree with you on the Jon pic

    Laura W. says

    Glad to hear that florida is treating the guys well.
    We are pretty serious about the foot.
    Come back to central florida asap! Rock the universe killed!!
    peace and love.

    Michael says

    dang i was right under jon during that photo.. that was a great concert

    gellie says

    that second-to-last one is sweet.