detroit, michigan.

so today is the day the music starts building. it's been a long time coming and it should be a fun ride. needless to say, this show is unlike any switchfoot has done in recent history, complete with crazy lights and screens and whatnot. should be fun.

the day started when we all got the venue and the crew was running through last minute checks of the lights and sound and everything. had some soundcheck, took some photos of all the singers of the bands, ate some food, then showtime.

the guys definitely had a fun show tonight, but being show one of the tour is always interesting. it's kind of like the first day of school after summer. you know what school is like, but it's a new classroom and you're not used to it yet, but after a bit, you're totally used to it. having a sweet dressing room sign also helps.

the end of the show has a sweet little surprise also. i won't ruin it now, but let's say it involves many people on stage. good times.


  1. Alyssa says

    I really enjoyed the first day. It was great to hear buddy holly. make sure you guys come back soon! i'll be there.

    KELLIEE says

    sweet pictures :) i wish i coulda gone. my mom didnt wanna drive me that far. NEXT TIME :)

    cam says

    i was there!!!! It was awsome!!!! on the last picture t look like he was smashing his guitar, did he?

    Anonymous says

    are there any more pictures from the detroit concert?? I was in the front row ???