george, washington.

after being near mt rushmore, it is fitting that our next show is back at the gorge in george, washington. this place still is unbelievable even if you've been here before. they now have signs though letting you not to go into the gorge (and in the picture i took of jon being rebellious, somehow a lens flare turned into a monacle. awesome.)

tonight's show was probably one of my favorites in a long long time. the guys and the crowd were on fire (pun totally and completely intended). sometimes it's hard to translate a sweaty rock club type of show to a big place like this, but the guys pulled it off again. way to be.

oh, and there was monkey on stage?


  1. Gabby says

    haha, and so jon reveals his rebellious side.

    oh, and i'm loving the monkey.

    but, the gorElla will always be my favorite.



    Kristina says

    hahaha, I was gonna say - Do you really think it's a monkey, or is it a gorElla? :P

    Love the pic of Jon about to jump into the gorge. It's awesome.

    kelliee says

    the picture is Jon climbing over is awesomee =] like seriously.

    Lee says

    Oh wow. Looking at these pictures made me realize that Tim hasn't been in your DF pictures lately, Andy. Heh. Loved the monkey. Epic.

    Tiffany says

    hmm i love that picture where jon looks blue, his hand almost looks fake
    and i see now tim is sportin the hat. man i need to go to a show soon!

    Cookie says

    This show was one of my favorites as well. It's hard to explain how great it was. You just had to have been there.

    Kudos on the photos Andy! They came out great.

    Katie says

    Awesome photos!

    Waiting hours for a front-row spot at a Switchfoot concert is one thing.... but waiting in the heat at Creation is another - yet SO worth it.

    And your right, Andy. That show was seriously awesome.

    Luke Sharrett says

    Andy, you freakin boss. Looks like a 35 f/1.4?

    Anonymous says

    question, who was in the costume?

    Anonymous says

    love the pic of Jon about to jump in the gorge, you really need to post some more pics!!!!!!!

    Anonymous says

    love the pic of Jon about to jump in the gorge, you really need to post some more pics!!!!!!!

    blularkspur says

    What's a monacle, preciouss?

    Sammi says

    HAHA i love these pics....and Happy Brithday Tim Foreman!!!!!!!!

    Anonymous says

    andy andy andy. when's there going to be a new daily foot? i use these pix to make signatures and avatars for the boards and lately i've been having to go archive diving (annoying) to find more pix to use.


    plus i want to see more amazing pix from you. you're my photography hero, do you know that? lol.