rapid city, south dakota.

after rock fest and mall of america and our dark knight together, we all hopped on a plane for south dakota. when we landed, we talked about how mount rushmore was only like a half hour away, but everyone had already seen it before. well, everyone but a certain daily foot writer. we then remedied that, and were back to the venue.

tonight's crowd was pretty loud and intense, which always makes for a great show (and for some reason makes drew do a rain dance with his guitar.)

the signing after the show tonight had one of the most intense lines i have ever seen. people were lining up even before the guys went on to play. that's dedication.


  1. Gabby says

    aww yay mt. rushmore.
    i'd like to go there one day.

    and lining up at the signing table before the show? how did they watch the show then? ... *ponders* hehe

    i looove daily foots (feet?)


    ps- how's bobbyyy? is he handling the merch machine title well? [:

    Anonymous says

    That's how the folks in SoDak (if you can't figure that out...a little sad) roll. I'm psyched that you guys are coming to SoDak twice! I can't wait for LifeLight.

    Emily Makar says

    Now THAT is tricky on the eye. And sweet. The bleachers are going downhill, but lead straight UP to Mt. Rushmore in the photo.
    Nicely done, Andy! I stared at that for about two minutes.

    Sarah says

    Oh man that was the best show of my life!!!!!!!! I was kinda getting trampled (I'm short...haha) so the security guard pulled me to the front, so i got to be in the front the whole time...it was amazing!!!! you guys sounded great live. so i live 5 minutes from Mt. Rushmore, and don't find it that amazing...but its cool i suppose :). please come back!!! oh and I can see me in almost all those pics woohoo!

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