cadott, wisconsin.

today rocks. literally. we are at rock fest in cadott, wisconsin, which apparently is a mecca for rock bands to come and play at. who knew? the lineup for the festival is so varied and weird and awesome. we were all pumped to see some stone temple pilots play, but more on that later.

after plain white t's (who were all really nice guys) played, switchfoot went up to do their thing. about 4 or 5 songs in, the festival had to come and pull the plug on it for a bit due to a gnarly storm coming in. there was literally nothing we could do about it, kind of a bummer, but hey, as much as the guys wanted to play, they people needed to get safe and out from where they were, so it's all good.

ok so remember how i mentioned that the other day was storm watch 5000? well, today would've been stormwatch 6000 because it seriously was insane. at one point we had to run from the dressing room to the food area, and after being in the rain for 10 seconds were completely soaked. it was nuts.

after long debate of if we wanted to brave the weather and see more music, we opted to do the 2 hour drive back to minneapolis earlier than later. the drive was gorgeous (post storm weather = amazing). we all decided to get patrotic and go to the mall of america where jon, tim, and i went on the spongebob squarepants rollercoaster. some of us then went and watched a certain caped crusader, and then called it a night.


  1. Gabby says

    haha i like jon's shoes in the first one. too cool to match, huh? and drew's cowboy-esque shirt in the second one is awesome [:

    and woo for spongebob rollercoasters! i love that bob of sponge :D


    KELLIEE says

    I just went to Mall of America and rode the spongebob ride. that last picture of Jon is like my favorite. its INSANE AMAZING! the one in the car while chad is driving is pretty sweet tooo

    THANKS ANDY :):):)

    gellie says

    ew, spongebob. it bugs me that Camp Snoopy is now nickolodeon world...

    Sara says

    Hope you enjoyed the movie.. It was crazy awesome, wasn't it??

    MEGHAN says

    you know whats not fair, i'm 10 minutes away from cadott and I DIDNT GET TO GO. what the heck, i was soo mad. I doubt you'll ever be that close again besides st.paul or something.

    haha, yeah that spongebob ride is amazing

    i love it

    next time go on the timberland twister, its even better=)

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