minneapolis/saint paul, minnesota.

apparently the midwest can't get enough of jon, because after the solo show last night, jon and keith played 2 more shows, except this time in the greater minneapolis/st. paul area. the first one was at this coffee shop that was filled to capacity. jon passed around sheets of paper for people to write down requests on. a great way to make a setlist.

so after stormwatch 5000 in wisconsin, we now had it in minnesota as well. on the way to show 2 of 2, it seriously started raining and thundering and lighting in a way that we california boys were not used to. definitely fun to watch. made for some good photos.

we weren't really sure what to expect, but tonight's show seriously was amazing. chad got into the mix on this one and between him playing and jon pulling 'something more' out of nowhere, it was a night to remember. i seriously can't still believe he played that one. good times.

oh, and our flight back to california had a bunch of jazz musicians keith recognized, augustana, onerepublic, ziggy marley, and acoustic switchfoot on it. crazy.


  1. Gabby says

    oh snaaaaaaps.
    that place was crowded!
    looks amazing.


    gellie says

    my brother was the one who requested 'something more.' HA!

    less than three hometown.

    Jave says

    Whoever photographs your pictures, AMAZING!