oskosh, wisconsin.

so today started out like many other festival days. soundcheck, food, naps, snacks, more naps, maybe some more snacks, a quick autograph signing, and maybe the occasional trip to a vintage clothing store down the street.

but then, quickly, the day turned out to be stormwatch 5000. i'll just go ahead and say it; wisconsin, your state rains a lot. so much so in fact that at one point we were all standing around watching the people from the festival try to dump a hot-tub sized pool of water off the top of the stage. it was entertaining.

also entertaining is when chad and i commendeered a golf cart and cruised around for a bit. who knew a key from a filing cabinet can start golf carts?

after all the climate-related shenanigans, it was time for music. the show went on, and the guys definitely gave it their all tonight, despite the day's circumstances. our old friend keith tutt even went out and played on a few songs with the boys. good times. after the show, jon and keith were quickly wisked away to another tent where they played a set of jon's solo stuff. probably one of the best jon shows i've seen in awhile.


  1. Gabby says

    "who knew a key from a filing cabinet can start golf carts?"
    haahahaha niice.

    wowwwowow san diego hasnt rained in aaages - and it rains soo much there. thats so interesting.


    kelliee says

    these new pictures are wesome! gosh andy, you really spoiled us :)

    Christina says

    You Spelled Oskosh wrong!! It's Oshkosh!!!! And we do get some rain but this year is very BAD!! Maybe its ya'll being surfers and all! Maybe the water just wants out of the sky?