muskegon, michigan.

the midwest apparently loves them some foot, because all summer it feels like we've been flying to and from there. today's show is right on lake michigan, so naturally, we tried to find someone with a boat to let us go cruise around. we eventually did, and then proceded to jump off of said boat.

back on land, the guys played at sunset with an amazing fair background. it was so amazing in fact that we decided to broadcast it for all to see. we got this new studio/live cam set up, so we figured why not test it out with a concert. it worked out really well, and definitely check out the studio cam if you get a chance. good times.


  1. Sam :} says

    the guys look like they had alota fun during the show!!!!!! i can't wait 'til they come to Irvine :D

    Susieq3c says

    Soooooo completely jealous of that fisheye. And the ferris wheel picture rules.

    Oh, and Drew falling was epic. Thanks for the webcert!

    flow.e_123 says

    hehe - thanx andy - some ledge pictures aswell - haha falling drew!

    corrie :) says

    I WAS THERE!!!!!RIDICULOUS SHOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!and im happy they went swimming in lake michigan:)

    Lauren says

    awesome pics as always andy - thanks! :)

    ohgravitysonfire says

    awesome pics as usual andy!
    however i dont get the first one...what is it?

    Job says

    gotta love Picture 2. lol

    Kelli says

    Gorgeous pics, Andy. :)

    And YES, we here in the Midwest DO love the Foot!! At least as long as I live here, there will be someone, out in the middle of nowhere (in a soybean field, probably) loving the Foot. :D

    Anonymous says

    To whomever reads this for Switchfoot...
    I saw Switchfoot on May 10th of this year, the day after my birthday in Santa Clara CA. An awesome birthday present to see my favorite band.
    I've been wanting to say that I love Switchfoot, and this is the only spot I've found to do it. Anyway, I always play Switchfoot's music in my cars, all their CDs and so much that my friends ask me if I ever listen to anything else. I love the awesome lyrics and the amazing, talented music that is played behind it. Many times Switchfoot music has cheered me up, and many of the bands songs echo my thoughts.
    So to whomever is at the other end of the site, if you want to tell the band that there is a kid who plays bass and drums in CA and greatly admires their music and all they do, you can do so. Apologies for being long winded. God bless.

    LJ says

    ha, really great pictures, especially 2. :P