austin, texas.

austin texas is awesome. flatout, hands down. the guys have had memories upon memories here, and this trip i'm sure will be no different. this visit started the night before our show, and in a rare moment, all band and crew had a night off in austin. the obvious, and natural thing to do is go to stubb's bbq and eat amazing food, which we then did. at one point in the evening jon and beaty ate hot peppers, so chad decided to as well. i think the tears started coming before he even finished his first bite of it. it was unbelievable. we were all laughing so, so hard, and that was even before he ran outside and took his shirt off due to the heat. we all finished our food and walked outside to see a mustachioed and de-shirted chad on the phone. it was hilarious.

after some more hanging out downtown, we all made our way back to the hotel and called it a night. chad even made a new friend with ramos the security guard at our new home away from home.

we woke up and were greeted in the lobby by people riding around on segways (apparently they rent them at our hotel for river "walks"). we all started quoting gob from arrested development. good times.

over at the venue we set up, some people headed to waterloo records, and quite possibly the most amazing whole foods on the planet. the guys had soundcheck and then it was showtime.

it was a hot, sweaty rock club for sure, and got the guys pulled off a great show in it. drew was especially rocking out tonight in a 'putting the foot up on the drum riser and head banging a lot' kind of way.


  1. Fedora T says

    Ohhh my. I'm cracking up and I wasn't even there! Poor Chad. He must have a really low pepper tolerance x3

    Erin Marie says

    Austin, Texas. is quite possibly one of my favorite places in the world. Its the live music capitol of the world and has some very interesting characters in it. Stubbs has amazing bbq. I'm glad you guys love that city as much as i do.

    Job says

    YES!! GOB rocks... and he has a similar name and pronunciation with me.

    Arrested Development FTW!

    PeanuT says

    I've made a huge mistake....


    Nice pictures Mr Barron, as per usual!

    The UK misses the Foot.

    rose says

    i can't believe i missed this show. i wasn't even working that night.

    bah, so sad.

    also, i got chad beat eating peppers any day.

    Lori says

    MusicBuilds tour I say Rose and Chad have a pepper eating thrown down,haha. From the looks of Chad's tear filled eyes I think my money will be on Rose. Nice shot Mr. Barron!

    Amber says

    Incredible pictures as always!!! Bring the peppers to Irvine!

    kellie! says

    sweet pictures andy!! the one of chad is priceless!! =]

    Isai says

    lol sounds like a great one! im going to oshkosh next summer for a big camp. gonna be awesome!

    Isai says

    ^ lol commented wrong post! my bad!

    Anonymous says

    aaaah amazing concert! you probly don't remember but I cross my fingers in vain hope that you'll remember me as the dude in the blue (switchfoot) shirt who yelled more and jumped more and certainely sweated more than anyone else
    and who also got to hold Jon's hand during the encore
    hope to see yall soon
    as in saturday soon =]