chautauqua, new york.

so after our night in sleepy hollow, we woke up in another sleepy little weird town. this place is almost like a camp or something except they have a stage where apparently they bring in a bunch of acts to come play. oh well, any place with a sweet lake and some bocce ball is cool with me. various band members could even be seen enjoying such activities during the day. drew even had a moment on the bocce course where one of the regulars to chautauqua figured he was there fr the concert that night. drew nodded and took his bocce-ball turn. ha.

the stage was this white old timey kind of stage that you would've expected to see a ragtime barbershop quartet with sweet mustaches and red and white stripe vests sing on, but tonight, the guys opted for no such outfit. probably a good idea.

with this kind of camp setting, we didn't really know what to expect, but tonight's show was so much fun! learning to breathe still continues to blow me away as such an amazing song, even now.

so after everything was done and we all said our goodbyes to the Army of Me guys (they were opening these last few nights and they also happen to be an awesome band) and cruised down the road.


  1. caw says

    Chautauqua is amazing, my first real job was sweeping the ampitheatre there. It started as a Sunday School Teachers Summer camp in the 1874, and is on the National Register of Historic places.

    Fedora T says


    Question: can we use these photos for stuff(avatars, wallpapers, etc.) as long as we don't sell them?

    Lauren says

    Learning to Breathe is one of my favorites! :)

    Anonymous says

    Switchfoot can make a great show just about anywhere! Seriously.

    Katie says

    The Chautauqua show was awesome, my favorite Switchfoot concert I've seen. It was of course amplified by meeting them and winning that sweet helmet from the 'You Already Take Me There' video from ebay. Definitely the best day of my life.

    Anonymous says

    Other than feeling kind of like a commune with a fee to get in - it was a great concert from some amazing guys with such amazing talents. Meeting all of you was a pleasure! Thanks for being a real as I thought!