tarrytown, new york.

about a half hour north of manhattan is this sleepy little place called tarrytown. it seriously looks straight out of a movie, and seeing that sleepy hollow is the next town over, it just might be out of a movie.

there is this amazing deli across the street that i am pretty sure everyone went to. everything we ate from there was amazing. i think drew went there like 4 or 5 times.

the venue tonight was this old theater steeped in history. seeing how it was near sleepy hollow and all, i wish it was haunted, cause that kind of stuff is fun to go investigate, but there was nothin. during the show, which was really great by the way, jon ran out into the crowd, and once we were out tere, you could really see the cool murals and stuff on the walls here. what a trip.

jon did an aftershow which is always awesome. it was in front of this chinese store and there was like no one on the street, so it was kind of creepy, but not really. having like 10 people sing at the top of their lungs isn't very frightening.


  1. Anonymous says

    Yaay! First Comment!

    That would be so gnarly if it was haunted!

    Chris says

    no aftershow pics?


    Anonymous says

    this is one of the best shows i have ever seen
    and the after show was absolutely astounding
    i know you took more pictures andy! i was watching you!

    Dorine says

    Just a question...Who is the guy on the 'red' picture...Drew? It's hard to see..

    But I like the one with the guys on stage and the painting is above them:D

    Anonymous says

    I think that the guy in the red pic is Tim... It looks like his bass. :)

    Dorine says

    Yeah, okay..but it doesn't look like his haircut...(A)...but it is probably Tim or Drew:S.. I still don't know sure:P