shirleysburg, pennsylvania.

we all met up in baltimore and hopped on a bus towards the creation east festival the burg of shirleys (not drew shirleys, although, maybe some of his relatives are there somewhere).

we woke up and went out and walked around. some of us ventured up to the tents of merch and i almost bought a sweet old school amy grant t-shirt. it got my heart in motion for sure.

the guys did a bunch of press today, including a small interview for fuse. chad talked about how at thanksgiving he likes to eat the cranberry sauce stuff that comes in a can and is like jello. random, but awesome.

the show tonight was pretty special. playing in front 65,000 obviously does something to ya because the guys put on a winner tonight. i think 'on fire' was especially great tonight. looking out and seeing tons of people with all these lights going back and forth is one of those visuals i think i will never forget.

after the show, there were fireworks, and then the guys did a quick signing, complete with a hand painted guitar hero controller. awesome.


  1. Luke Sharrett says

    nailed it, mr. b!

    Hannah Pink says

    Andy! I love the picture of Jon in the massive crowd, and Drew with the fireworks.
    haha you really know what you're doing :] keep it up!

    Chris says

    please post pics from the tarrytown show!!!

    Job says

    65,000+?! DANG!!!

    Switchfoot and Andy B FTW!

    Christine says

    I was there front and center and it was awesome! Andy you captured it great. The photo's are amazing and so was the show! Till next year!..well for me till holmdel, nj but for creation, till next year! =D

    Shel says

    I was at Creation 08 and you guys were awesome! I see you every chance I get and have never been disappointed! Keep spreading the word! <3

    Anonymous says

    Wow. In one of those pics, Drew must have a really good idea.

    Caleb says

    hey yeah that concert was awesome i met jon next to a tree in the boonies of pennzylvania---i sounded like a girl when i asked to take a pic with him aww well