hilton head, south carolina.

well peeps, today we have a special guest daily footer. he is our new merch machine, bobby anderson. he enjoys tweed hats, cutoff jean shorts, and bass guitars. we are all so happy to have him out on the road, and he had some words from some of his first das out with the foot. enjoy. - andy

People say there is wisdom in insanity. And, i guess the idea is not too far-fetched, as flowers find their blooming through cracks in concrete. West coast to East in 2 days - planes, buses, amphitheaters, converging oceans, grits, and the smooth flow of 'This is Home' ironically swirling from stacks of speakers from places far from that and even finding it's way into Fort Mill's movie theater bathroom rotation (Which, must be short, cos it plays every 10 minutes!) Lunacy?!

We're returning from the land of niceties and humidity. That's why Carolina was always on Taylor's mind. A few things stand out to me, like puffy paint ... very very polite people... hundreds standing in the sidewise rain waiting for a hand shake... saw some Chuck Taylor's being signed just like in the days of the Hoosiers ... Trying to convince Ben at Carrowinds Theme Park to turn the wave pool on to the "Tsunami function" - for some 9 foot chaotic swell, Robert learning 'meant to live' on la guitarra and Michelle and Robin behind the merch table for their umteenth "FEET Toe Tap experience" in Hilton Head, SC...and of course Jon and Tim shoulder launching each other into back flips for entertainment in the Atlantic.

'Lonely Nation' found it's way into the Shoreline Ballroom set, and the boys did not hold back on 'Dirty Second Hands.' The chatter of a new foot record and it's anticipated release has us all hopin' for cooler days and fresh songs. Drew is flittering with saving gas by riding a motor cycle to and from the studio in San Diego, though he seemed vaguely intrigued by a suggestion of going horse and buggy style instead.

I watched a generous hard working stage hand take a moment to read a lyric off of a tee hanging in back, "Hold Fast Till the Break of Daylight...Shadow Proves the Sunshine," to which he paused and looked me dead in the eye like he'd been transported some where, "Man, that's some deep stuff, where'd you get that, 'The Bible?!...how much? i'll buy one!"

Wisdom in unlikely places...insanity! A special thanks to the land of grits. And to Jerome, Happy Birthday!


  1. Susieq3c says

    yeah...you got some winners, Andy. coolio pix!

    raven_lily says

    hahhy bday romey!

    Laura W. says

    I was at that show. My friend and I drove up from melbourne, Fl. About a 6 hour drive. It was totally worth it. (Like it couldn't have been) The meet and greet was soo great. There's some really good shots!
    Can't wait for Rock the Universe in Orlando and Music Builds tour in West Palm!!

    Nikki says

    Happy Birthday, Romey :)

    I love the way our special guest daily footer writes, by the way.

    Adam Sams says

    thanks for the great words, bobby; it all sounds wonderful!!
    happy birthday Jerome!!!

    gellie says

    a post from the b-hive! nice!

    the carolina's sound good. maybe i'll go there in my mind, too, JT.

    Job says

    "This is Home" every 10 minutes?! hahaha! awesome!

    Nice to hear from ya Bobby!

    Sophie says

    Ah, Bobby!
    Thank you for your hard work! You sound like a lovely addition to the SF crew.
    Mr. Barron! That picture of Tim is one of the best I've seen in a while, definitely. Thank you both!