fort mill, north/south carolina.

now, i know what you're thinking, and yes, we were in both carolinas all day today. the park where we are at hugs the state line, so much in fact that there is even a roller coaster with to cars doing the same thing, one in north carolina, one in south carolina. awesome.

we started off the day with going on a few rollercoasters. one of them involved some contest winners who won the 'go on a rollercoaster with switchfoot' contest. the coaster we went on for that was actually kind of weak, but the girls who won still had fun. after we parted ways with the winners, we went to 2 more coasts, both of which totally ruled. one of them had you laying down when you got strapped in, so that when it got time to start going fast, it would flip you over and it felt like you were flying. amazing. the last one we went on was one of those feet dangling ones, and it was probably the best feet dangler i have ever been on. so fun.

back at the show, switchfoot took the stage just as thunderclouds started to roll in. they put on a great show, complete with a great version of this is home, and one of the longer american dream pauses they've done in awhile.

afterwards we all went and saw a movie where nothing really "happened" in it. kinda lame. but then, in the lobby and in the bathroom we heard 'this is home' playing over the tvs and stuff at the theater. good times.


  1. Emily Makar says

    charlotte, not fort mill! haha. sorry i'm a charlotte, nc girl.
    anyway thanks for the daily foot, andy. nice photos. especially jerome on nighthawk! shweet.
    switchfoot you rocked out! that american dream pause was insanely long. thanks for coming

    Inna says

    nice pics andy! i see you're featuring jerome on this post (2 pics!!!) :-) i suppose it's because of his bday,right?
    just by reading about the roller coasters (especially the one you have to be laying down and stuff) made want to go to sc :) im sure it must be super fun
    so... nothing was really 'happening' in the movie, right? lol still, i want to watch that one.

    tnx for posting!

    Lindsay G says

    haha nice recap andy! watching you guys ride nighthawk was so funny! Although emily, I think that is the cyclone in the picture. It would take some serious grip to hold on to a camera on nighthawk! come back to Charlotte soon!

    Lee says

    Heh I called in for that rollercoaster contest a lot, but sadly I did not win. I think it was the Carolina Cyclone. I wish I could've been there, but it sounds like the guys rocked and had a ton o fun! Thanks for posting Andy!

    Job says

    dang! must've been sweet to hear your song playing at the theater... sweet!

    Emily Makar says

    yeah it looks like cyclone!