encinitas, california.

the fourth annual bro-am is upon us. the auction was the other night, and about $40k dollars was raised for stand up for kids. stand up is such an amazing organization, definitely take a chance to to their website and check out what they're doing.

so down at the beach, the guys started surfing at about 9:30. their team consisted of jon, tim, chad, and tom curran. they stacked the deck again, but hey, do you blame them? they did pretty well surfing, making it to the semi finals, but they lost out finally to the reef team who won it all. congrats. after that there was some surf jousting. it didn't last long, but was equally hilarious.

as for the day's music, there was something for everyone. i think my favorites (other than switchfoot of course) were fine frenzy and la symphony. nothing like butting dreamy keyboard pop up next to gang vocal hip hop. so awesome. switchfoot then took the stage and played before their hometown for the first time in awhile. the crowd was having tons of fun, and so were the guys. oh, i can't believe i almost forgot to mention, but jon had this kid named austin come up and play a song before switchfoot's set. he pretty much killed it. so awesome.

after all of the beach activites wrapped up, everyone had a chance to go home, clean up, and come to the belly up for the aftershow. for switchfoot fans of yore, you may remember radar who did merch for awhile. well, he played an impromptu set and did awesome. one of the other highlights of the night was the first ever show by fiction family, which is the reincarnated real seanjon. after sean and sara watkins played a few songs, jon went up and they played a couple of their new jams. it was good times. then the rest of the switchfoot guys came up and played a few more songs. la symphony closed out the night with some more sweet sweet hip hop, and then the day was officially over.

i'm pretty sure everyone involved is sunburned and dead tired, but it was well worth it. until next year.


  1. Gabby says

    I see me in one of the crowd pictures! [:

    Bro-Am was spectacular.

    Jessica=) says

    i see myself in 2 of the pictures!! yay! that was soo much fun!

    Anonymous says

    thanks for the pics!! I've been waiting for forever!!! they are awsome!!!

    Shawna Lea says

    In in the pic from Belly up, just left of Tim's leg! what an amazing day... what an amazing band! thank you switchfoot! Thank you Andy for the post and great pics!

    Anonymous says

    thanks andy for the many pretty pictures!