rochester, new york.

so the tour tonight went out on a bang. the guys put on quite the show. it was complete with a tour prank and all. some of us crewmen ran up on stage with lightsabers. it was awesome.

well, we all knew it was coming, but the up in arms tour closed up shop tonight. it truly has been an amazing tour where we met new friends, saw old ones, and hopefully twloha along the way. we have 2 more shows coming up soon, but for now. peace.


  1. Lydia says

    Tour pranks! yay..

    (Please post Santa Clara picture...please!)

    Anonymous says

    Andy you ROCK!!! I love the pictures! The show was amazing! I loved it when you guys came out with light sabers! You did an amazing job! Keep up the good work.
    Hope to see you in Rochester again! Looking forward to the podcasts! God bless!

    rebekah says

    awww im so bummed
    the tours over!!!
    you guys ROCKED in
    bama. i cant wait til
    you all come back in
    september. God bless.

    Anthony says

    What a beard!

    krista says

    1st and 4th pictures are great! thanks andy.

    awesome stuff. awesome stuff.
    tour pranks, lightsabers!
    looks like its been a complete daily foot entry : )

    Inna says

    andy, you did it once again .... photo # 3 is raaad!!!!! i just love the effect of the long exposure. yeah :-) great great picture! thanks a lot for keeping us all informed in writing and with amazing pictures ("fotos chidas" i would say in spanish! lol).

    ill be seeing you in october! ;-)


    Missie says

    I hope the "light sabering" will be in the podcasts!! you did an amazing job Andy...just like always! thanks so much for all that you do. Hope to see you in "Rockchester" again!
    God Bless!