piscataway, new jersey.

so today we are at rutgers university, where apparently they have some invested in the basketball team. the reason i say this is because their locker room is insaaane. it has a little movie theater and everything. crazy.

apparently it was business time tonight because jon wore a suit. aww yeah.

after the show, jon played a little aftershow for some people who stayed around after. at one point i accidentally made jon laugh while he was playing. good times.


  1. Lydia says

    Don't be making him laugh! :)
    Great pictures! Thanks

    rebekah says

    oh my. jon
    is definitely working
    the suit. haha. i love
    all your pictures..

    krista says

    wonderful pictures.
    awesome pictures, acually.
    i got a kick outa the makin
    jon laugh thing. too funny.

    cant wait to see switchfoot in irvine, CA in september.
    really cant wait :) so excited!

    christine says

    Andy! What about all that philipino food me and my mom brought for you guys?..anyways...awesome show and yeah it was funny to see jon laugh during the songs and say I love you andy.

    Bettina says

    Jon wore the Harmonica is the movement shirt I gave him at this show!!! :) :)

    Alex says

    Was he wearing his business socks as well?

    alexaa says

    aw i wish i could have gone!! i love u guys!

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