stamford, connecticut.

this whole part of the country kind of baffles me because i always hear these names of places, but have no idea of where the heck it is. today, thanks to a little website jerome invented called google, (that last statement may or may not be true) i learned where stamford, ct was. i also realized it was close to new york when i saw anthony from bayside. he's such a good dude and is also in a great band. so fun to have him, along with the rocking 'luna halo' here today opening the show.

tonight was probably also in one of the more beautiful venues i've seen in awhile. there was this one part where the spotlight hit jon and it looked like a ufo was about to beam him up. it was awesome.

the guys participated in a ritual of doing pushups right after the show as a cool down. also, at the meet and greet, these fans gave shirts to all the guys with their respective intstruments being the movement. (look at the pictures, you'll see.)



  1. Anonymous says

    Thanks for all the great Daily Foot's Andy! Keep up the good work! I can't wait to see what pictures you took of the Rochester, NY show! God Bless!

    Bettina says

    Hey that was me and my friend Ebbie that made those movement shirts!! Hope you guys like them :)

    Luke says

    so good. holy cow.

    Erica says

    That was an amazing show. Definitely one of the best concerts I've ever been to.

    And the shots are gorgeous! Keep up the good work. Hope to see you all at another show.

    Lori says

    So that's who invented google!

    Anonymous says

    You guys spelled Stanford wrong. It's stanford, not stamford. XD

    Erica says

    Actually, they're right. It's Stamford. haha

    Anonymous says

    great show!!! i wish u guys added the picture of jon on top of the speakers with me!