ocean city, new jersey.

after a couple days spread out amongst the nation, we all reconvened in ocean city, nj for yet another up in arms show. today's show was weird and awesome because it was on the ocean. not like on a boat or anything, but a pier over the water. like i said, it was weird, but awesome.

when you are given the opportunity to go out on the roof of a building built onto a pier, i say go for it. that's what we did and we scared a ton of seagulls and then ended up bribing them with free bread to be extras in the background of a little mini photo shoot we did out on the building. it was awesome, and no one got pooped on! great success!

the show tonight was awesome as usual, but i think given the proximity to an ocean that we had, the guys even stepped it up a little bit. during the american dream pause, drew laughed more than he had in awhile. ha. good times.


  1. suzanne says

    I loved when the guys were on the roof because everyone in the venue could see them and were freaking, I was laughing so hard, typical switchfoot moment.

    the pause was pretty awesome that night.

    Anonymous says

    This concert was great, i was right by tim on the side by the windows, i loved it when jon came in the crowd i was soooo stunned i couldn't move i jsut stared hahaa. it was a great concert.

    Anonymous says

    too bad tehre were no waves that day so you guys could surfed, unless you went to the inlet or something.

    Inna says

    two comments - first, i love the picture with the seagulls flying over they guys... specially the contrast between drew's calm-enjoying-the-moment body posture and the rest's watch-out!-seagulls-coming-our-way posture! i just love that!
    second, romey's picture is just awesome ... the haze around him, how the focus of the photo is on him being in the middle plane of the picture ... nice job andy! ;-)

    christine c. says

    I'm in a picture!..yes..anyways it was an awesome show except for all the pushing but besides that awesome show and photos!

    Job says

    no one was pooped on!! YES!!! haha

    Anonymous says

    i went outside the venue for a bit during the set and it was just surreal i guess in some ways to hear the ocean waves and switchfoot all at the same time.

    and the short walk to the hotel after the show. shortest time ever to get "home" after a SF show.

    Anonymous says

    THANKYOU ANDY!!!!!!!!!!!!

    i was really close to the front. but when Jon came out for on fire it was to the right of me. :( and when he put his hand out during DYTM, it was on the left of me.

    next show, maybe?