new york city, new york.

today was probably the most new york day ever. after i caught the train into the city from jersey, i met up with jon and ketih and our new violin friend anne marie at the tribeca film festival where jon played a few songs. it was good times.

but, the better times were had up at central park where jon played an impromptu show out in the middle of the park. it seriously was a gorgeous spring day. couldn't ask for anything more.

we all went out to dinner and then split up to go see some shows in town. jon and ryan (our genius sound guy) went and saw crowded house while keith and i saw feist.

complete with subways, taxis, central parks, film festivals, and concerts, it was definitely a new york day.


  1. Grace says

    Oh, I bet that was beautiful. Sitting around trees outside listening to Jon Foreman.

    Mellie says

    That sounds like an awesome NY day.

    And Crowded House was in town too?
    I love those Kiwi guys. =D

    Anonymous says

    ocean city is next, right? *hint hint elbow elbow*


    Anonymous says

    What could be better? A beautiful spring day + Central Park + Jon Foreman. Gorgeous pictures!

    suzanne says

    it was one of those days that even though you got a huge parking ticket and got stuck in the lincoln tunnel, it was still magical.