waukesha, wisconsin.

today is probably the first day of tour where it literally was freezing outside. it was sooo cold. granted, for the most part we're all from california where the word cold means something very different, but still, it was cold.

the room we're in today is the music hall for the college, so there are amazing instruments everywhere. behind the stage there's tons of percussion toys, in the dressing room, a harpsichord and a harp. it's ridiculous. there's even this piano that lites up on a big screen the notes you're hitting. retro. awesome.

i would have to say that he show tonight was one of the better ones of the tour. the crowd was very receptive and very energetic, which is always fun. 'love is the movement' seriously is owning it right now. that song kills me every time.


  1. Lindsey says

    Amazing show guys... please come to State Fair again. You Rock My World..seriously

    Anonymous says

    That was an awesome night! Incredible show. I was sort of hoping for a picture or two of Jon mingling with the crowd, but the featured photos are still cool. :-)

    I hope Switchfoot comes back soon!!

    Sarah says

    Oh my word. So I am so very very thankful for the Friends of the Foot fanclub and it's awesome-ness. I got to hang out with the guys after the Waukesha show and wow was that ever incredible.
    I can't wait to see you guys again, and yes Chad--I would have driven in 2 hours of snow and 2 hours of rain to see you... oh wait... I did!

    Jacqui says

    heyyy look. jon's wearing the awesome flock shirt.

    nice pictures, andy.

    Mallory says

    Freaking amazing show.

    And I'm totally laughing my head off at the fact that y'all thought that was cold. I think it's warming up around here. *rolls eyes*

    Come back soon please!

    Dan Clementi says

    ohla! jon hope my hat fit nice,u look good with it on, thats a nice pic. : )