bourbonnais, illinois.

in the spirit of the ncaa tourney, there was some preshow athlete/switchfoot/emery basketball going on. there was dunking, jamming, and probably some yelling of the phrase 'in your face' as a sweet juke in the paint occurred.

the show tonight was great as usual. jon climbed up onto this huge stack of speakers, and that is always fun, and makes for good photos.

some of us then mozied down to the moon monkey coffee shop and jon played an aftershow. jon even debuted a new song off of summer called 'i hate all your show', or something very similar to that. whatever it's called, it's legit.


  1. Jeanna says

    The song was called "Instead of a Show" but whatever. You're close enough :P

    rachel (lezpaul) says

    ^ahahahah jeanna. of course you'd be the one to correct him.

    jessicaMESSICA says

    woooo i'm in the aftershow picture... right in the middle... funny.

    switchkosterice says

    and i'm the first one cut out of the b&w one of jon.