indianapolis, indiana.

today's show is in the 'egyptian room' at this big crazy masonic type building. it was the last show before some days off, so jon went crazy and screamed his lungs out. good times. drew also bought a guitar off some guy off craigslist today. it's an old univox. so sweet.

after the show some of us went down and got some food on this street that has a bunch of public art pieces all over the place. jon climbed up on top of a giant head that makes noise and we took some pictures next to these sweet mailboxes.


  1. switchkosterice says

    these are some of the best pictures this tour.

    i love the mailboxes to death.

    nice shots andy!

    brad linder says

    this was the best show ive ever been to!!! nice pics andy!

    Shelly says

    The mail boxes and the head were awesome. We may or may not have done what Jon did.... :P
    I think I have that same photo of Tim, just a different angle.
    Nice job on the photos Andy! :)

    Jossie from Sweden says

    Really nice pics Andy! I really love them! And thanks for nice blogs by the way, making me feel like a part of the tour even if I'm here on the other side of the Atlantic.

    Emily Makar says

    ANDY i adore the truth/lies mailbox photo of tim. that's sweet.

    Anonymous says

    Those are some AWESOME pictures!!!!! I really like the one where jon's on top of the speaker....if you look closely, I am the guy who's like **:0** that just to the right of the light stand!!! Such an amazing concert! Thanks alot!!!

    Sophie says

    That photo of Tim is insanely awesome.
    Great job Andy.

    brad linder says

    haha. im right behind the light so you cant see me!!