peoria, illinois.

today's show is in a hockey arena, and the people who work here just told us we can watch the game from the stage where the band is playing, and thats literally right next to the boards. we all just got real excited.

after soundcheck, we took advantage of this sweet loading dock area and shot some band photos in there. real arty. good times.

tonight's game was the peoria rivermen vs. their arch rivals the san antonio rampage. oh, and in case you weren't aware, minor league hockey means one thing: fights. there were a lot of fights, and boy were they awesome. (note: we here at the daily foot do not condone fighting unless done in a supervised and regulated manner, such as a sweet action minor league hockey game.)

after the game, switchfoot took the stage and had probably one of their best shows of the tour. the crowd was around the stage 360 degrees and they were very close, so the bando guys definitely fed off the energy. it was super fun.


  1. stefan says

    i was there. it was one of the greatest switchfoot concerts away from san diego. The energy was insane and the set was amazing. I was a little disappointed that they didn't play head over heels(in this life) but it was still amazing. I saw them in moline back in november and both times they totally amazed me. I can die happy.

    rose says

    baha! did the rampage win?

    Hannah Pink says

    the Rampage won :(

    ahh it was totally awesome to see my favorite boys come to MY hometown for once! haha I usually have to travel all over to see you! what an incredible concert, alot of my friends went and it turned out that they absolutely loved it! you guys always know how to do a great job.

    haha there's definitely not a lot to do in Peoria, but hockey games are one of the few! glad to see you had fun as well!

    Hannah Pink (again, sorry!) says

    P.S.: It was awesome that Jon came over to OUR section during 'On Fire.' Had a great time singing with ya!

    Anonymous says

    jon's shirt is too small for him la.